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  • About Us - Information about Our Guilford County North Carolina wildlife removal experts.

About Us - Greensboro's Best

We are a professional wildlife removal company servicing Greensboro, in operation for 5 years. We love solving wildlife problems! We pride ourselves on our quality work and exceptional customer service.:

  • Over five years of wildlife control experience.
  • Fully trained on latest wildlife control techniques and tools.
  • Fully licensed by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission.
  • Have property liability insurance.
  • Extensive experience with professional home repairs.
  • Trained in attic cleanup and decontamination.
  • We give a written work estimate and written guarantee of work.
  • We treat wildlife in a respectful and humane manner.
  • We are available 24/7 via cell phone.
  • We schedule fast appointments, and arrive on time.
  • We treat our customers the way we'd like to be treated.

We a complete job, from start to finish. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively, using the proper traps, tools, and techniques for each unique animal and situation. When we encounter animals inside a house, we inspect every part of the house, from ground level to every part of the roof, to identify all the areas of entry, and all vulnerable areas, and we perform professional repairs, with guarantee, to seal entry holes shut. We inspect inside the attic to find any damage or biohazard, and provide full cleaning services. We offer attic decontamination, poison-free and permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more.

Rodents, birds, and snakes are the top of the list when it comes to North Carolina wildlife entering resident's homes. When it's just one you may be able to evict it from your home yourself, but once you have an infestation, you are going to need our team! Our team proudly services the following cities: Oak Ridge, Pleasant Garden, Sedalia, Stokesdale, Summerfield, Whitsett, Forest Oaks, Julian, McLeansville, Archdale, Burlington, High Point, and Kernersville. We also service the following counties: Rockingham County, Alamance County, Randolph County, Davidson County, and Forsyth County.

NOTE: We are not the Guilford County Animal Control Services. We do provide wildlife removal in Guilford County North Carolina, but we are a private company. Please do not call us regarding any matters that should be directed to the free county animal services. They deal with dog and cat issues, and select issues such as an animal on the street, etc. Below is the TIP OF THE MONTH regarding local Guilford County animal services related matters:

House mouse prevention tips: how to keep house mice away

Everyone seems to agree that the best way to get rid of mice is to do it fast, you need to take immediate action, did not let them get a foothold and breed, if you do within a single month you could go with having to deal with two mice to having to deal with ten. The fastest and most favored method of dealing with mice in the house is using snap traps but all the experts agree, if you think you have two mice buy ten traps, in other words no matter how many traps you think you need by a lot more. Snap traps off course kill the mouse, there are traps available that do not kill the mouse but most people consider it a little over the top taking something the size of a mouse for a 10 mile drive, and that is what you need to do otherwise there is a good chance the mouse will return eventually, mice live for up to two years and have very good memories and sense of direction.

Another recommendation from experts is that if you can you should use more than one type of trap because the mice will become wary if you just use the same trap over and over. Where you put your mousetraps is extremely important, if you know where the mice are nesting then put the traps around that area, also behind furniture or under your refrigerator or stove are good places. Remember that mice are inquisitive, especially about new things in their environment, which means they will inspect the trap and if you have positioned it right and baited it right then that inspection will be the last thing that mouse ever does. You need to remove sprung traps as quickly as possible, the other mice will be very very wary of traps for a few days afterward the trap killed one of then.

Generally there is no sure way of telling that you have got all of the mice but a general rule is if you have not seen any sign of them, not heard them and had no fresh droppings then you have no mice anymore. If you don't like traps you can always poison them, poisons should only be used inside the home and if you have pets make sure they cannot get at the bait. When laying poison baits for mice the bait should always be put out of sight, no mouse is given to sit eating a poisoned bait if it is out the open and you want them to sit there and fill their bellies.

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