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  • Greensboro Educational Article of the Month - Squirrel prevention tips: how to keep squirrels away

Squirrel prevention tips: how to keep squirrels away

Squirrel prevention tips: how to keep squirrels away

There are some things that you need to know about North Carolina squirrels, the first is that they are rodents. Being a rodent means that the teeth grow constantly which is why they chew things like wood, it is to where the teeth down and make them more manageable for the animal. Now many experts have all said that it is quite easy to keep a squirrel out of your house and buildings but it is almost impossible to keep a Greensboro squirrel out of your garden or backyard.

Most squirrels the get into the house get in the same way the most common rodents, Greensboro rats and mice do, they chew a hole in a wall or floor just big enough for them to get through, so if you have a squirrel inside your walls or in your attic then the first thing you should be looking for is how it gets in.

Another thing you should realise is the North Carolina squirrel in your house is most assuredly a female and she is there to have her young and to rare them there because your house is both warm, safe and solid. There are things you can do to slow down squirrels in your backyard but nothing will prevent them from doing almost whatever they want. If they are chewing wood, like your fences, around your house and you want them to go chew something else then the most common remedy seems to be to paint extremely hot chilli sauce onto the wood you don't want chewed, but remember this remedy washes off when it rains. The second most common complaint about Greensboro squirrels in the backyard is they steal bird food and fruit.

There are things called “squirrel baffles” that you can buy and install on bird-feeders to slow them down but again, these only seem to work when there is plenty of other food around for the Greensboro squirrels, in lean times they always seem to find a way through the baffle.

Preventing a squirrel from getting into the architecture of the house or the attic is very simple. The first thing you have to do is a complete inspection of the outside of the house looking for even the smallest of cracks because if a squirrel finds a small crack it can make it into a large hole in a day or so. One of the weakest points of most houses is the vents, when these are installed they usually installed using very flimsy mesh which is North Carolina squirrel can chew through in minutes, if you have this type of vent then the mesh needs to be replaced with something a squirrel cannot chew through.

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