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Raccoon repellent

Raccoon repellent

Repelling raccoons from your North Carolina property can be a very expensive and very time-consuming exercise. To start with raccoons who are strangers to your Greensboro property are quite easy to deter and convince that they should look elsewhere, but if a raccoon is either already in residence on your property or considers your property as part of its already established territory then it is going to be rather difficult to chase that raccoon away. The first thing you must do as part of the repelling process is remove the animals food source, there is no way around this, I have heard of people erecting electric fences and buying metal garbage bins with locks that would deter locksmiths, and that might stop the North Carolina raccoon from actually getting at the food but it hasn't removed the food from the raccoons point of view, so the record and will keep trying to break down your defences and in the process can be extremely destructive, (read expensive).

These are some real-life tips, one smell North Carolina raccoons dislike is mint, there are mint scented garbage bags available that raccoons did not like and that means they tend to leave them alone. Another very effective deterrent is motion activated sprinklers, even though Greensboro raccoons actually like water it turns out they don't actually like getting sprayed with water or maybe it's the noise of the sprinklers that put them off but it works. There are also available both granular and spray repellents which work up to a point, that point is usually the first time it rains and washes the repellent away, after which the home-owner forgets to replace it. Finally there is electronic repellents, most of these seem do only annoy the neighbors and not any of the local animals, including raccoons.

Now we get to the part that is always a bone of contention, natural home made repellents. These are usually things like cayenne pepper, ammonia, black pepper or any other extremely strong smelling natural product you have in your pantry. It is true that North Carolina raccoons and most other animals for that matter do not like strong smells, most animals rely on their sense of smell to help them get around and things like cayenne pepper and ammonium completely stuff that sense of smell up for at least a few minutes.

Remember one thing when dealing with Greensboro raccoons, scare tactics really work, you need to let them know you mean business right from the start and that if they persist in staying it is going to cost them.

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