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  • Greensboro Educational Article of the Month - Groundhog trapping: how to trap a groundhog

Groundhog trapping: how to trap a groundhog

Groundhog trapping: how to trap a groundhog

Trapping a Greensboro groundhog is not as easy as you may think, but like most critters groundhogs have their weaknesses and if you want to get rid of a groundhog that is destroying your garden then you need to learn the weaknesses of your foe. Groundhogs have a big appetite for all things green but they especially love vegetables and new shoots. You have to learn the habits of your particular Greensboro groundhog and use them against him to lure him out of his burrow and into your trap.

The first thing you have to decide is what kind of trap to use, there are two kinds, lethal and nonlethal. Before rushing out and buying a lethal trap you need to find out if you are legally allowed to use it because they are illegal in most jurisdictions. They also represent a huge danger to pets and small children and even some danger to larger children and adults because most of the lethal traps sold other ones with the snapping jaws. The much safer and more humane method is to capture the animal, lured into your trap with a bait. It is recommended that if you decide you're going to kill the Greensboro groundhog with the trap and it is legal to do so where you are then call in the North Carolina professionals as they know how and where to set the trap to do the least amount of damage to animals you are not targeting.

Another consideration you have to make is that in a lot of jurisdictions relocating Greensboro groundhogs is also illegal, so check and find out first. If you going to trap the North Carolina groundhog the best time to set your trap is early spring because at that time of year there can be no young in the burrow. Also that is the time of year when the groundhog is at its hungriest, it is just come out of hibernation but all the new shoots for spring are not out yet so offering it something juicy 10 feet from the entrance of its burrow, it will most likely take the bait.

Finding a North Carolina groundhog hole is pretty easy and the best place to set the trap is in the 5 to 10 feet range from the main entrance, preferably right across an obvious path the animal is using. Before you can set the trap you need to wash it thoroughly with unscented soap and water, this is to remove all traces of human smell, one whiff of human sent and the Greensboro groundhog won't go near the trap.

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